Leadership Development

For Leaders who are ruthlessly progress orientated and want to go further faster... To be clear, going further faster is not only about you, it is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

The Only Living Thing In Your Organisation Is Your People...

We work in partnership with you across three people elements, taking a holistic approach to help re-define a human focus that makes leadership a life long vocation:


1. Develop Your People Strategy

Your future may depend upon your transition toward 'the human experience' and the importance your employees will place on engaging in purposeful & rewarding work.

2. Develop Your Current Leaders

To be the best next generation leader you can be, you must enlist the help of others. Self-evaluation is helpful, however evaluation form someone else, such as an experienced NOVO Leadership Coach, can be the essential missing ingredient.

3. Develop Your Talent Pipeline

This is as much about identifying and nurturing successors for key roles, who are already within the pipeline using our assessment systems, as it is about enrolling Hi-pots into and progressing them through the pipeline.   

Fact: Leadership Coaching Is Not Working For Most!

You Cannot Teach Leadership, It Must Be Experienced. Our Programmes Are Designed To Support Implementation of Change Strategies In Mindset, Skillset and Actionset. To Evolve Leadership Behavioural Competencies That Build Sustainable Futures. 

The Statistics Prove That Gaps Exist...

Employee Experience


Of UK respondents rated employee experience as important or very important to their organisation.


Yet only half of them consider their organisation to be effective at providing meaningful work


Source: Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2019

Leadership Challenges


Believed that 21st century leaders have unique and new requirements, driven by more complexity and ambiguity new working practices and technology


Yet less than 10% thought their company’s current leadership programmes were effective in preparing leaders to move rapidly into the future

87% of companies link the importance of learning with driving employee engagement


Unfortunately only 27% rated their companies learning culture as effective


Yet 84% of companies  recognise a correlation between employee engagement & productivity


The fact is that the Billions spent globally on leadership development each year is no where near as effective as it should be, all the stats prove it. We solution this by closing the gaps in learning, engagement and productivity across five main areas:

The Emotional Connection emc2 NOVO Leadership Programmes listed below are illustrated for overview purposes. In practice each programme becomes bespoke to the Individual, delivered via interactive Zoom calls, where generally 24hrs of coaching is drawn down over a 6 month period. A minimum 3 months is recommended to create the platform to effect lasting behavioural change....

“Purpose creates a basis for answering the key questions that drive performance and in defining how each person will contribute to the organisation, and how it contributes to human society.”

NOVO Leadership

Emerging Leadership Coaching

Open to those who are being groomed for leadership roles. 

Team members who are ready to step up from technical or other roles into supervisory or management positions, or have already done so without any leadership experience, and may also require generalised business knowledge.

Leveraging a platform for lasting behavioural change based on individual personal needs we engage individuals to take responsibility, ownership and self-accountability whilst developing cohesiveness, empathy, goals setting, self-discovery, self-regulation and relationship skills to develop self-accountable, responsible individuals. 

Career Leadership Coaching

Management who require a motivation boost or change of direction to improve performance and team results.

Future superstars whom the company want to groom at the earliest opportunity to maximise their potential to execute at the highest level moving themselves, their teams and the company forward.

Some managers, directors or owner managers who want to advance their careers and require improvements in people skills, team building, conflict resolution, etc.

Some Senior Managers, Directors whom the company expects more from in terms of self direction, team or department engagement and self results.

Executive Leadership Coaching

C-Class Exec’s, Senior Management who want to maximise personal potential and lead organisational change to establish more 'selfless collaboration, 'more passion for the customer,' 'increased employee engagement, 'servant leadership, 'better communication and cultural connection.

Those who are required to lead from the front and want to enhance their abilities to direct themselves & others or are tasked with managing major change projects and want to maximise results.

Some Owner Managers ready to make a step change in a ‘well established business’ but are unsure how or want to create an exit strategy or require succession planning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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When you Submit you will be directed to a Complementary Webpage that will explain the 8 behavioural competences required for the modern business leader. 

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Returns include but are not limited to; increased focus, more clarity and transparency, more creativity and resourcefulness, and superior performance...

High performing people achieve more;


High performing teams deliver more;


High performing companies make more profit and enjoy more market share.

The fundamental underlying truth about leadership is that you cannot lead others until you can lead yourself…

“Great leadership works through the emotions. Great leaders move us, they ignite our passion and inspire the best in us, and when we try to explain why you will hear many perceptive reasons, but it is because great leaders drive collective emotions in a positive direction.”

To become a leader the goal is to grow the greatness within you; to ignite a passion for self actualisation in the service of others and engage your sub conscious in new habits of creative thinking. You will know you are a leader when you stop trying to grow greatness in others. Instead you will have realised that greatness already exists in others, your goal as a leader is simply to elicit it. Greatness in itself is not a function of circumstance, it is function of self discovery, conscious awareness, conscious choice and discipline.

The fact is that leadership cannot simply be taught, it must be experienced. It is a continual journey of self-discovery and not a destination. The effectiveness of that journey will depend on the internal foundations upon which it is based, and the cultivated path that it follows. Therefore for true potential to be realised the journey must start from within and be supported throughout…

"Unfortunately, the vast majority of leaders today never learn about ‘Leading Yourself’ because we are conditioned to skip directly to the principles of leading others…

Learning to lead from the inside out is the key to leading others and to building the fortitude of character required to create new synergies of engagement and resilience that are essential to lead change."

Emotional Connection, (emc2)© Leadership Coaching Programs...

Change is at the heart of any coaching process and plays an all-encompassing role to help participants create, adapt to and accept change as a challenge rather than a hurdle.

NOVO Leadership will take on the role of a change agent where the coaching program is customised to the organisation's and individuals unique needs.

The premise is to provide a combination of Transformational coaching (positive behavioural change) Accountability coaching (goal setting results). And to the degree required Transactional coaching (business & management skills)

The Development Needs Analysis Model broadly illustrates how these coaching fundamentals interact with the personal development elements of our Programs.

Training alone may teach individuals the concept of leadership; how you should act and react based on a model, and through such media minor change can be accomplished. To effect lasting change leaders of today must develop a broad range of skills and competences in insight, innovation, communication and engagement that will drive the overall direction of their careers and in turn the company.

The coaching process delivers these skills and competences through offering  an arena to discover self-awareness that will strengthen and fortify ‘internal’ processing mechanisms to deliver outstanding ‘external’ results, significantly providing a resilience of character for life success, in and out of the business.

The programs themselves are strategically designed to help individuals make better decisions, solve problems, be more creative and efficient and development new habits of self-reflection and productivity that endure long after coaching ends...

"Leadership development is about creating new ways of thinking and acting that can be applied to numerous roles, events and situations... Its about your ability to understand emotionally as well as logically."

Through our coaching and blended learning reinforcing processes we effectively leverage a platform for positive and lasting behavioural change delivered through the appropriate leadership coaching Program, supported by psychometric profiling. The process is not perfectly linear, but does tend to follow these steps supported by an initial alignment consultation with senior management:

Leadership coaching is focused on results and outcomes as per the client's expectations.
With a results-oriented approach, participants are able to achieve the goals they set sooner and more effectively compared to doing it alone or through training without the help of a Coach.

"To have long term success as a leader you have to be obsessed in some way...

At NOVO Leadership we are obsessed about people, and whatever the service or product your organisation offers, you as a Leader, are also in the people business."

Examples of Vocational Leadership Coaching Elements Applied To A Bespoke Programme:

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